Yo Joe June Week 4 Reveals

Earlier this week Hasbro revealed their newest G.I. Joe Classified figures in Yo Joe June. With two mainline figures and one deluxe release. We had seen scans of Low-Light and Grunt before and just recently and the deluxe figure was a complete surprise with it being a Snow Serpent which has taken many fans by surprise.

What wouldn’t surprise anyone is that the Snow Serpent has sold out very quickly on Hasbro Pulse UK and other vendors who are going to import him here. So I’ll have to wait for a restock later on. Low-Light does look very impressive, I really liked the scan and it’s far better to see the figure I love the array of accessories he comes with and the gun case is a great touch so you can dissemble the gun and have him carry it. I’d definitely get him and display him with Sgt. Stalker, Tunnel Rat & Big Ben are on my shelf.

I must admit I was not all that impressed with Grunt when I first saw the scan, but when I saw the gallery I was really won over. He works as a great army builder with that interchangeable head and I love the classic weapons that he comes with as well. I’d definitely consider getting him that’s for sure.

I really loved the look of Snow Serpent and the array of accessories that he comes with and would have loved to of gotten one or two but alas they sold out very quickly. This is a perfect army builder and I would love to of gotten two one with the wolf hat and cape on and another one without. You certainly get spoilt for choice with all his weapons. The picture that really sold me on this one is the one in the air where he’s riding a snowboard dual wielding two pistols looks incredible.

These figures are scheduled to be released in a few short months and are must-haves for G.I. Joe fans.

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