No X-Men: Days of Future Past Action Figures will be made

Marvel fans hoping to add some X-Men: Days of Future Past action figures to their collection are going to be sorely disappointed. Zach Oat, the marketing supervisor for Diamond Select Toys, has confirmed that the Marvel Select Mystique action figure has been cancelled.

The news comes from Facebook, where Zach answered a fan’s question about when he would see Mystique. Zach responded with, “Mystique has been canceled. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence declined to participate.”

It’s pretty sad that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want to be made into an action figure. She could have been propelled to X-Men: Days of Future Past stardom being the only action figure ever made from that movie.

Fans of the movie don’t need to be totally disappointed though, as Diamond Select Toys has is going to be releasing DOFP Minimate line this fall. These will be the only toys released based on the movie.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.


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