Walmart Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series Figure Review

I have finally been able to get around to review these exclusives for you. We are going to start out with the Walmart Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series Figure Review. I have been searching for these in Walmart ever since I heard they finally made it to the states. I would call Walmart every day and ask if they have got them yet. This phone call would turn into a 30 min ordeal (transferring lines and being on hold) that results in “no, we don’t have those yet”. I took this into my own hands and was going to visit family and stopped at every Walmart on the way. I found them all in the 4th Walmart and was able to pick up an extra set (contact me if interested).

The other figures in this series are the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and the Lizard.


The packaging for this guy is a blister card, similar to other 6″ figures. On the top of the card you get a nice picture of Spiderman and on the blister, you see the “Only At Walmart” sticker (white this time).
On the back of the card, you get a picture of the figure and a very short bio for Spider-Man. It also reads “Super Articulated” which got me excited.

Out of The Box

Out of the box, Spider-Man’s joints are pretty stiff but once you get him moving they loosen up nicely. His paint looks great and he has textures on his costume. First impression was hopeful for this figure.
He comes packaged with not 1, not 2, but 3 whipping web lines. The web lines have a ring on the end which is useful for posing and tying other figures up. They web lines are easily bendable and, in my opinion, are made very nicely.
He also comes with a connectable figure stand like the Avengers had. This one just doesn’t have the “A” on it and is made of a lighter colored plastic. He measures in at just around 6″ tall.


The articulation on Spider-Man is great. His head can go up and down slightly and both right and left 360 degrees. His shoulders, wrists, and hips are all swivel/hinge joints. He has double joints on his knees and elbows. Spider-Man has a ball joint in his torso and pivot ankles! His wrists and ankles are awesome for posing. I also really like that they didn’t put a waist swivel because it makes his costume look way better.
The chest does look a little bit weird if you twist him but it is ok. Spider-Man could benefit from more articulation in his hips to allow for crouching poses.


The paint on Spider-Man from a distance looks great. The blue and red is bright and shiny. Once you take a closer look at him there are a TON of sloppy spots… come on Hasbro. You can also see his web shooters on his wrists. Apart from the sloppy paint job, I think the paint is pretty good.


The sculpt is fantastic. His entire costume is sculpted with a nice texture and details all over the place. His right hand is sculpted for grabbing and his right hand is in the “rock on” pose.
Overall there is really nothing to complain about with his sculpt. It is awesome.

Should you buy this figure? Yes. You will just want to be sure the check out his paint job before you buy him.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for this Walmart exclusive Amazing Spiderman movie figure.

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