Voltron 30th Anniversary Celebrated with New Product Launches, Social Activities, and Fan Events

Let’s Voltron! is what fans will chant once again as their favorite robot celebrates a milestone – 30 years of defending the universe. The 1984 television series Voltron: Defender of the Universe tells the legend of a team of five pilots who power robotic lions that combine to form the mighty Voltron.

During its 30 years, Voltron has become a pop culture phenomenon: According to the Urban Dictionary, “Voltron” is commonly used as a verb meaning “to combine forces to achieve a common goal.” Many rap and hip-hop artists have paid tribute to the robot and celebrity fans have made a statement wearing retro styles that pay homage to the franchise.

To mark the milestone anniversary, a year-long celebration will include a new commemorative 30th Anniversary logo; best-in-class product collaborations; fan events including presence at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con and a substantial social media presence which will give fans the opportunity to engage with the franchise in new and exciting ways. Streetwear clothing store BAIT, in the trendy Melrose District of Los Angeles, celebrated by throwing a kick-off party for influencers and Voltron fans. Several waves of street-and-sound themed collaborations and limited-edition products will be available: first in Fall 2014 with apparel, collector toys, jewelry, books, art and skate decks; and then in Spring 2015 with new apparel, toys, watches, footwear, books and electronics.

More partners will be announced soon and capsule collections will be available at select retailers and on www.30th.Voltron.com.

The following brands have signed on to celebrate the Voltron 30th Anniversary in the coming months:


This online art gallery will offer a limited-edition giclee print by artist Vincent Aseo (pictured above).


Voltron Lions coach jackets, t-shirts and socks are available from this lifestyle brand whose mission is all about going after what you desire in life, fashion, and love with no regrets or apologies.


Three exclusive Voltron skateboard decks are available from the skate and art lifestyle brand that encourages youth to follow their dreams.


An exclusive stainless steel ring is available for Voltron fans from the brand that makes badass jewelry for badass people.


Voltron fans will find T-shirts, skate decks, key chains, stickers and more from the clothing line that is more than a simple expression. Born in the hip-hop culture, Illest continues to bring cool street wear to the next level.


This progressive pop culture T-shirt design company hosted its first ever Voltron design contest focused on creating all new wearable fan art. The winning designs were voted on by fans and will be announced today.


Introducing limited-edition toys for the 30th Anniversary, Toynami is the only place fans can find the Jumbo Lion Voltron, which stands more than 25 inches in height and has shooting fists and rolling wheels. Also available is the five-inch Lion Force Voltron, represented in the popular Super-Deformed style. A third limited-edition toy will be available during the fall/holiday season.


Giving fans a rare look at the history of the show and the pop culture phenomenon that Voltron has become, VIZ Media offers the new coffee-table book “Voltron: From Days of Long Ago.” The international media company will also host a Voltron panel at this year’s New York Comic Con where limited editions of the book will be available for sale in booth #1944.

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