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Vintage Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Men Wave!

Uncanny X-Men figures make their way to the Marvel Legends Line!

At Toy Fair earlier this year you may recall Hasbro revealed a lot of Marvel Legends and a lot of them were mooted for the Vintage Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Men wave. And now Hasbro have revealed the full wave and there’s some figures included in this wave that wasn’t shown at Toy Fair and I have to say this wave looks incredible!

In this wave we’ll be getting:

  • Silver Samurai
  • Iceman
  • Outback Dazzler
  • Wolverine
  • Cyclops
  • Jim Lee Storm

Hasbro has shared packaged and unboxed images of these figures and they all look excellent. It’ll be hard for me to take these out of the packaging as I really love the old school card backs they are really the icing on these already excellent looking figures.

I know that a Jim Lee Storm has been hinted at for a while and I have to say she looks perfect, I really love the paint wash on her hair. and the Iceman looks equally impressive. He’ll look good on display with the recent Human Torch figure.

The Silver Samurai will look fantastic on display facing off against each other. I really do love the Outlook Dazzler she’ll look great on display with her classic looking counterpart which is a really underrated figure in my opinion.

All the figures come with their appropriate accessories and I am really happy that Cyclops comes with blast effects an effect piece that’s been missing from other Marvel Legends Cyclops figures for some time. I really do love the base that they’ve given Iceman.

I should mention that this wave is up for pre-order now and will ship in August.

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