Unique New Sideshow TMNT Statue Line Launches

New Sideshow TMNT Statue for Leonardo

Leonardo Will Be First in the Sideshow TMNT Statue Line

Sideshow Collectibles is launching a new Sideshow TMNT statue line and has decided to go with a Leonardo statue first. Their design will be a completely new take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, meaning none of the previous iconic designs will be used in its making.

Details on the Sideshow TMNT Statue for Leonardo

The statue will be 14.5″ tall and standing on a base that is 13″ deep. The sculpt is made in extreme detail, so well done you can see every single scale, and his clothes (or joint wrappers if you prefer) are made to imitate weathering effects, tatters, and rips. Of course, Leonardo come with his signature Katanas, holding them ready for battle.

Along with the regular version, Sideshow will also be making an exclusive version (with only 500 pieces made) that will feature an interchangeable head with Leonardo wearing a red headband. This is an homage to the early days of the turtles when they all wore the same color. Leonardo will be standing on an amazing, yet disgusting, sewer pipe, where the sheer amount of details increases both its greatness and nastiness. The base will be a diorama, as it is designed to fit future releases of the remaining three turtles.

Pre-Ordering the Sideshow TMNT Statue for Leonardo

There is no information on the other turtles, beyond the fact that Sidehsow plans on making them. The pre-order period has just begun for Leonardo, and he will cost $349.99, for both the regular and exclusive edition. (Hint: go for the exclusive edition.) Buyers in the US will enjoy free shipping, and payment plans are available as well. The figure is set for a Q2 2017 release. In any case, the statue definitely deserves a place in any serious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection.

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