This Is The Ultimate Jurassic Park T-Rex Statue

Chronicle Collectibles Breakout Jurassic Park T-Rex statue

Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park T-Rex Statue Expected to Ship in Fall 2016

Chronicle Collectibles and Universal Pictures have partnered up to create yet another amazing Jurassic Park T-Rex statue. This time, they’ve decided to create a Breakout T-Rex Cinemaquette based on the T-Rex in the original movie. The T-Rex is so iconic, it’s even on the logo of the entire franchise. And this one will be so finely sculpted that a life-size one would definitely scare the life out of anyone who saw it.

Details on the Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park T-Rex Statue

Everything on the statue, from the T-Rex’s teeth to its tongue and nails, are made to be movie authentic, with the scales and the patterns on them painted with great attention to detail. The Breakout T-Rex is 24″ long, 16″ tall and 12″ wide, meaning the scale for the statue is 1/20. The statue comes with a base made to replicate the T-Rex pen, just after the T-Rex tore them open and escaped in the original movie.

This highly detailed, must-have statue will cost $549.99, and is expected to arrive sometime during the third quarter of 2016. If you’re uncertain whether you’re going to buy it, keep in mind that this will be a hand-numbered limited edition run. And, Chronicle Collectibles is known for having their pieces sell out fairly quickly. There’s no word yet on how big the edition size will be, but they have said they’ll release that information later in the month.

As a point of comparison, their The Lost World 1/5 Scale T-Rex Bust has already sold out, even though its pre-order period is still on, and it cost $750 with an edition size of 350 pieces. You can currently pre-order this Jurassic Park T-Rex Statue through online retailers such as Entertainment Earth or Big Bad Toy Store. The edition size is still currently unknown, but Chronicle stated that they will reveal that information in July. Each figure released will be hand numbered which is great for those interested in collecting.

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