Ubisoft Unveils two Assassin’s Creed Unity Statues, Arno The Fearless Assassin and Elise the Fiery Templar

Ubisoft has recently unveiled two new Assassin’s Creed Unity Statues, which are of Arno The Fearless Assassin and Elise the Fiery Templar.

Arno is one of the protagonists of the game. He is a young man and once was a nobleman until those he loved were taken from him and now he’s on a warpath to get revenge and redeem himself. He seeks to uncover the truth and those who are controlling the revolution to their own end. He’s a charismatic leader and an expert swordsman and it really does show in the statue.

He’s in a classic swordsman pose, holding his sword at shoulder height to his side; he’s looking at his opponent with a confident smile on his face and at his back he’s holding his pistol ready to fire at enemy who does not face him in combat, he clearly takes no prisoners.  I have to say the detail on this statue is absolutely fantastic.

I really love the long blue overcoat with the leather shoulder armor pieces over top. He has his belt fastened round it, showing his red waistcoat with gold finery with a shirt beneath and his red neckerchief blowing in the wind. The gloves are beautiful too and are very well sculpted; you can clearly see the ornate Assassin’s Blade on his sword hand gauntlet. The Assassin’s Logo is conveniently disguised as a belt buckle. The head sculpt looks fantastic too, as his face is well hidden like any Assassin’s should be. Though, we do get to see some of his face with his eyes looking towards the side rather smugly and his long hair blowing beneath the hood. I love that facial expression. The hood itself hangs very naturally over Arno’s head. I don’t like to say, but the statue gets a bit a plain beneath the waist in its detail, but I will say the weathering in the pants and boots look great. I really dig how Arno’s coat is sculpted at the bottom blowing in the wind.

The detail on his rapier and flintlock pistol looks fantastic. I really love the detail on the hand guard of the rapier it really shows his nobility. We don’t get to see much of his flintlock pistol but I must say the detail on the barrel looks fantastic with its dry brushing. The holster and sheath look very well detailed themselves too.

Another thing that I really like about this statue is the base that Arno stands on. It’s part of a the war-torn Paris from the French Revolution and it looks fantastic with a broken wheel and a window shutter amongst other bits of rubble from the ruined Paris. The detail is excellent throughout and the shading on the ground itself is amazing.

Elise is a young noblewoman whose family is a part of the Templar Order who is determined to become a fully fledged Templar she is independent and fierce and is determined to her archive her goals no matter the cost.

Elise is in a similar pose to Arno but she has her pistol in her outstretched arm looking down the sights at her opponent with a determined and stern look on her face. She also has her other hand holding rapier hanging at her side but ready to attack. The sculpt in the pose is amazing and looks really realistic.

Like Arno, she has fantastic in her clothes. She’s wearing a bluish black leather like sleeveless jacket, which goes around her neck. With a blue waistcoat beneath looking incredibly intricate, comes together very well. Beneath that she is wearing a white frilled cuff blouse with a decorative neckerchief popping above the waistcoat and a pair decorative long cuff ties. She has a dark red sash with silver plated ends tied around her waist beneath her intricately detailed fastened belt, which has the holster and sheath attached, all of which is incredibly well detailed. She also has some great thigh high-heeled leather boots on which looks absolutely phenomenal. I really like how they did the sliver buckle over top and the weathering looks fantastic.

The head sculpt is fantastic as well. She looks very beautiful, determined and stern. It’s a hard mix to make but Ubisoft has nailed it. The hair looks astounding and looks very natural in its flow.

She comes with a rapier and a flintlock pistol, both of which look different from Arno’s. The hand guard to Elise’s rapier is of a petal design. I really love the pistol, though it looks like it’s meant to be made of ivory. Both are very well detailed and I like how there is a hole sculpted in the sheath to show where the blade would go. You can even see a knife in a sheath on her waist towards her back.

Like Arno, she comes with a base albeit hers is far rockier and showcases some of her character. The base is covered in rubble and has a torn France flag beneath her feet. There’s also a piece of wood with a Templar Propaganda pamphlet lying atop it.

Both statues stand 9.45″ tall and can be put together to make one diorama piece, which is a really nice touch and a great way to display both statues. Also, both statues come with an exclusive code to unlock content in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity video game. Arno’s code unlocks the Fearless Assassin Outfit and Elise’s unlocks Arno’s dueling Pistol and French Rapier. Both statues will be released in October of this year and will cost $89.99 each. They are currently available for pre-order here.


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