TruForce Collectibles Mega Man X Action Figure Kickstarter

TruForce Mega Man X figureTruforce Collectibles is a fairly new company on the action figure scene. They’ve not produced any figures before, but they plan to bring many characters from various films, TV shows, and games to life. They are starting off with a Kickstarter for a big license that’s had figures released before: Mega Man.

Truforce Collectibles have filled Mega Man X with articulation and detail so that they can compete with the big name brands in the action figure market. Though, to make this figure a reality they have started a Kickstarter to raise funds to produce this figure, and the figures that are to come in the future.

They are starting this line of figures with one of the most iconic characters from the series: Mega Man X from the Mega Man X games from Capcom. This is the character that you know and love if you’re a fan of Mega Man, but they’ve made a few different stylistic choices with him that makes him fresh and unique. They have packed a lot of features into this figure, which are:

  • Fully poseable with over 30 points of articulation
  • Diecast armor parts on the chest, shin and feet
  • LED Functionality in Arm Cannon
  • Swappable face/hand parts
  • Combinable effects parts
  • Base/Support Stand
  • 6 inches tall
  • PVC, ABS, PA, Diecast materials

I’m not really a fan of Mega Man but I have to say this figure does look really good and of the same quality of figures that are produced by other companies like Figma and Bandai.

If you’re a fan of Mega Man, this figure is simply a must have. There are many different Kickstarter pledges that you could go for, depending on how much your willing to pay for the figure and what extras interest you. Though it should be noted that you have to pledge over $80 to get the figure itself. Also, certain pledge rewards only ship to the US, which does freeze some international fans out.

There are other pieces up for grabs, including T-Shirts, Art Prints, an Exclusive Variant (silver and orange) and different accessory colors. The pledge rewards will ship September this year.

Check out their Kickstarter Page for more details and to back/pre-order the figure.

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