Toy Fair 2015 Field Report: Hasbro’s Marvel figures

Toy Fair 2015 Hasbro Marvel Booth Photos 009For 2015, Hasbro is reaching a bit deeper into Marvel’s cast of characters and pulling out some real surprises for their Legends line.  First up?  Spider-Man Wave 2.  Set for a Spring release, the wave includes:  Scarlet Spider (torn up hoodie and all), Kraven the Hunter, Misty Knight (yes…gold gun carrying Misty Knight), White Tiger, an awesomely awesome Superior Venom and Ghost Rider.  And the Build-A-Figure?  A massive Rhino figure with alternate screaming head.

After that, Hasbro showed off it’s Ant-Man line, with an Ultron (from Avengers 2) as it’s Build-A-Figure.  The wave is set to include the movie version of Ant-Man, Wasp, Giant Man, a very sadistic looking Grim Reaper, Bulldozer and Tiger Shark.  (Yep.  You read that right…Bulldozer and Tiger Shark.  I told you Hasbro was reaching in deep).  This line is set to hit retail just in time for Ant-Man’s summer release.

But perhaps most impressive (even with it’s inclusion of two Iron Man figures) is Wave 3 of the Avengers line, what with it’s 9 inch Hulkbuster BAF, and all.  In order to complete this plastic monstrosity, you’re gonna need to get:  Marvel Now! Doctor Strange, Valkyrie (in her updated armor), Blizzard, a very shiny Vision, War Machine, Thundra and a Marvel Now! Iron Man.  But, believe you me, it’ll all be worth the money just for that Hulkbuster figure.

In a bit of unusual move, Hasbro announced two of it’s exclusives for later this year.  For, an Age of Ultron four pack that includes:  Thor, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye and Black Widow.  And coming back to Target shelves this year is the Legends three pack that will feature White Vision, Classic Ultron and Hulk.

Make sure your drill battery is good and charged up.  You’re gonna need more shelves on the walls for all these figures.

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By Nick Lenihan

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  1. For the Amazon-exclusive Age of Ultron pack, was there anything more specific about release dates other than “later this year”? I expected it to come out when the movie did, but there’s still nothing, and I’d really like to get a 6-inch movie Thor that isn’t outrageously expensive.

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