Toy Fair 2015 Field Report: DC Collectibles

Toy Fair 2015 DC Collectibles Booth Photos 003One of the highlights of 2015’s Toy Fair, if not the highlight, was DC Collectibles.  Even with them releasing production images of most of their product for the year to the media just days before Toy Fair, seeing their stuff in person was still a pretty impressive sight.

Going in no particular order, we might as well start off with the new waves from the Batman Animated series/Batman Adventures.  The next wave of figures will feature Batman (from TAS), Riddler, Penguin and Batgirl.  Upcoming waves will include Nightwing, Bane, Mad Hatter and Scarecrow.  Mixed in there will also be a Batman/Phantasm two pack, as well as a Roxy Rocket figure (with rocket ship).

DCC also had on display new figures based off of Terry Dodson’s work from Teen Titans Earth One figures.  That line will include Raven, Beast Boy (with alternate “human” head), Cyborg and Starfire.

What looks to be getting the biggest push from DCC in 2015, though, is the new DC Icons line.  Not expected to hit retail until November of 2015, DCC had the initial four waves of the line on display.  We’re talking figures straight into 2016.  That’s how much enthusiasm they have for this line.

There are far too many figures here to list, but some of the highlights of the line look to be:  Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Atom (featuring 3 incarnations of the Atom included with this figure), Superman (with alternate “angry” eyes head and Kelex from the Fortress of Solitude) and Flash with cosmic speedforce treadmill.  Also, coming is a deluxe Green Lantern figure with green translucent armor constructs.  Hal could be the coolest piece of the line.

The über popular Bombshells line also continues into 2015.  Although, it did seem a little light, to be honest.  On display were Lois Lane and Batwoman, both of which we’ve already seen plenty of pictures. The only new addition to the line is a Harley/Joker statue, a kind of twist on the iconic WWII kiss in Times Square photograph.

Speaking of couples, there’s a new Green Arrow/Canary statue on the way.  Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews and based off of artist Cliff Chiang’s art.  It’s a fun, faithful rendition of the Chiang’s cover art.

There are new Flash/Arrow figures from the “Arrowverse” heading to comic store shelves, too.  Flash (should be hitting your LCS in the next couple of weeks), Captain Cold, Felicity, Diggle and Arsenal (just to name a few)

The highlights of DC Collectibles booth, though?  That’s easy:

The Batmobile from the Animated Series.  This thing is awesome.  Made to fit two Animated series figures, the Batmobile has a sliding canopy, light up interior (and exterior, as well) and four independently rolling wheels.  It’s set for a December release and will retail at $99.99, which sounds like a lot, but for the size and what this thing does…it’s definitely worth the money.

Then there’s the Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn. The follow-up to 2014’s Gotham City Garage Catwoman statue, Harley is $350 worth of coolness.  And she’s not even complete!  To keep her at that price range, DC Collectibles had to scale back the statue.  What’s missing?  A side car with Harley’s hyenas (Bud and Lou), with one of them wearing googles.  We we’re told that if enough retailers sign up for the statue, DCC will make the complete statue.  If they do, expect to pay upwards of 600 bones for it.

Yea…600 bucks.  Who said the best things in life were free?!?!?

Check out all the images from DC Collectibles over at our image gallery.

By Nick Lenihan

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