Toy Fair 2013: Mezco Axe Cop Figures and Plush

You may have never heard of “Axe Cop”, I know I haven’t. But I looked it up and I can give you a little bit of a background on these extremely outlandish characters you are about to see. Axe Cop is a webcomic that was started by 2 brothers (Malachai age 5, and Ethan age 29). The younger brother is responsible for creating all of these outlandish ideas (how messed up was his childhood?), while his brother Ethan creates them into comics. It has been indicated by Drake from Mezco that the Mezco Axe Cop Figures are going to be the only ones on the market for 2013.

Mezco unveiled five action figures and two plushies at Toy Fair 2013 and thanks to MTV Geek we have some images of all of them. They are going to be available for purchase by September, so get your pocketbooks ready if your into things like Poop figures with swords and Avocado Soldier Unicorns.

The decision by Mezco to make Axe Cop action figures was when the webcomic was picked up by FOX to be an animated TV series. With all that popularity, there just has to be action figures.

The main character of course is the Axe Cop, pictured above, complete with an axe and ready for chopping action. He stands about 4 inches tall and comes with a lemon grenade and a steampunky “poop-sucker gun”.

Apparently Axe Cop has an Avocado Solder Brother, pictured above. He helps Axe Cop fight off the bad guys. Equipped with sunglasses, a machine gun, and a flute, that’s one mean avocado! There is also a plush version of the Avocado Solder pictured further down below.

Axe Cop also needs a pet to aid him in fighting crime. That’s where Wexter the T-Rex comes in. He is a T-Rex with sunglasses (what’s with all these sunglasses?) and mini gun arms. There is also a plush version of him as well.

Another friend of Axe Cop and Avocado Solder is Baby Man. He’s a dark skinned ugly man in a creepy baby costume. This figure doesn’t appear to have much articulation, but he looks pretty funny anyways.

One of my favorite figures that Mezco has made is Dr. Doo Doo. This pile of shit has a pretty gruesome expression, almost like he’s trying to pinch one off. He’s even equipped with body armor. All of these extremely outlandish action figures are making me want to go and read this webcomic. If you are interested in reading it you can check it out HERE.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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