Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Panel Report – Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, + MORE

Today Hasbro had their New York Toy Fair Panel giving everyone an overview of their upcoming plans for lines like Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, G.I. Joe, etc. Here I took information from multiple Twitter feeds and compiled it into my – Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Panel Report. I hope some of you find this useful.


  • A Beast Hunters comic has been announced from IDW comics and it will have 3 different covers. The street date is set for 2/11/2013. Website goes live on Feb 18th!
  • Legion Scale Prowl, New Soundwave and Hun-grr (with dragon tooth saw) in Wave 2
  • Starscream with thunder talon and Shockwave in Commander Scale
  • Deluxe Wave – Rachet w/ Dragon Grinder Drill, Dreadwing w/ Dread Assault Cannon and Skystalker w/ cryostrik disc launcher
  • Voyager Wave 2 – New Shockwave w/ detachable Beast Armor. Ultra Magnus w/ Forge of Solus Prime and Grimwig w/ Blackbeak.
  • Beast Hunter Optimus Prime w/ spinning dragon cannons, sword and shield.
  • Target Exclusive Beast Fire Predaking w/ light up fire breath. Has a 21″ wing span and tail comes of and becomes his sword.
  • Transformers Construct-a-Bots – You can build and transform them with out removing any parts. Also customizable. (slightly larger than Deluxe class figures)
  •    – Have G1 Designs
  •    – Scouts – Starscream & Ironhide $9.99
  •    – Elite – Soundwave & Wheeljack $14.99
  •    – Triple Changers – Bumblebee & Blitzwing
  •    – Ultimate SET – Optimus vs. Megatron $30-$35
  •    – Sets have projectiles
  •    – Packaging has a reusable storage container
  •    – Will retail for $9.99 – $39.99

Transformers – Generations

  • 30th anniversary packaging is coming in 2014.
  • Hasbro has teamed up with IDW comics for a story about the 30th anniversary.
  • The deluxe scale is going to start having comic books packed inside.
  • Legends Scale – Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
  • Voyager – Triple-Changer Springer and Blitzwing
  • Transformers Platinum Ultra Magnus with Forge of Solus and Grimlock vs Bruticus 2-pack.
  • Transformers Masterpiece are getting a Japan Logo.
  •    – Acid Storm and Soundwave coming with all 5 cassettes (TRU EXCLUSIVE)
  • Titan class will include a 24″ Metroplex that was inspired by the FOC game. Is is slated to cost around $125.
24″ Titan Class Metroplex Transformer Credit: Fwoosh


  • 36 Transformers Kreons to collect
  • Micro Changers are Kreon figures that can be rebuilt in their alternate modes.
  • There is going to be some limited edition customizable Kreon figure that ARE NOT blind bagged.
  • Star Trek Kre-O hitting shelves April 29th. Enterprise playset, Klingon Bird Of Prey from Into Darkness with Uhura and Spocks Volcano Mision with Shuttle and Spock in special suit and Sulu. Also has exploding Valcano. Final set will be a Transporter set with Scotty and Klingon Kreon.
  • G.I. Joe Kre-O will have 9 building sets and 28 collectible Kreons

G.I. Joe

  • Firefly Ninja Duel from wave 2 is being re-released.
  • Wave 3- Ultimate Flint and Roadblock – Budo Samurai Warrior – Ultimate Storm Shadow (Based on vintage) – Ultimate Cobra Commander – Data Viper – Kwinn – DUE OUT IN MAY
  • Wave 4 – Set to include all of the hard to find figures from the Retaliation line
  • New vehicle with Night Landing Raft with Cobra Eel and new Tomahawk with Lifticket rebuilt. Extra row of seats and helicopter blades fold in. Due out in Fall. Cost is $40

Star Wars

  • 8 6″ Black Series figures are confirmed for 2013. New figures revealed are Darth Maul with double bladed light saber, R2-D2 with accessories, and Sandtrooper.
  • 3.75″ Black Series announced – Including Anakin Skywalker, Clone Trooper, Biker Scout, Vader (2 versions), Clone Pilot, Luke Yavin Ceremony with proper blaster. Also Padme and Biggs Darklighter.
  • Wave 2 will include Mara Jade, Stormtrooper, Pablo-Jill, R2-D2.
  • Saga Legends 3.75″ figures announced. 5 points of articulation and very low price point. Great for kids.
  • Mission Series also announced in 3.75″ form. 5 points of articulation but as a 2 pack.
  • Vehicles Class II – Anakin Jedi Star Fighter – Low price point and very small vehicles.
  • More 12″ figures coming such as Anakin, Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan, and Darth Vader. Apparently they are very popular in international markets.
  • Battle of Geonosis Vintage Republic Gunship will be a TRU exclusive. Comes with Yoda, Turrets, Clone pilot, and a Clone Trooper.
  • A Briggs X-Wing in vintage package is coming as a TRU exclusive.
  • Darth Vader Origins (Target Exclusive)
  • Scanning crew pack with missing scan crew box. Ewok catapult with 2 new ewoks.
  • Darth Vader Evolution pack (from Ani to Vader)
  • Tie interceptor in vintage box, slave 1 in vintage box with Han carbonite figure. (Amazon Exclusive)
  • More Angry Birds sets are incoming, including a Star Destroyer.
  • The Black Series SDCC Boba Fett/ Han Carbonite 2-pack was teased. I guess it is officially going to be an exclusive. no further details at this time.
6″ Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper Credit: Fwoosh


  • Spider-Man – Ultimate Spider-Man 6” new spider Swat Venom, Dragon Disc Iron Fist and rocket Ramp Spider-Man
  • Rapid Fire Web Blast 12″ Spider-Man Figure
  • Marvel Legends – Wolverine, Cyclops, Astonishing Wolverine, Sabre tooth Emma Frost, Phoenix 5, Cyclops, Rogue(Modern) and BAF Puck.
  • Marvel Legends Wave 2 – Scarlet Spider-Man, Black Panther, Wrecker, Bulldozer, Modern Hawkey and Classic Hawkeye. Age Of Apoclypse, Jean Grey and White Phoenix with Rocket Raccoon with articulated jaw.
  • 3.75″ figures with just 5 points of articulation. These figures will have a low price point. Logan, Wolverine, Silver Samurai, Shadow Strike Wolverine.
  • Iron Man 3 Assemblers Wave 2 – Corsscust Iron Man, Striker IM, Sonic Camo IM and Mark 42.
  • Iron Man 3 Assemblers Wave 3 – Silver Centurion, Dunebuster, Mark 42, and more.
  • Wave 2 Iron Man Legends – Iron Patriot (Movie), Mark 42 and Ultron Classic
  • Avengers Assemble mini mugs multi packs – 10 figures – Captain America, Hawkeye and Redskull shown.
  • Thor 2 3.75″ figures – Thor, Dark Elf, and Loki. Thor was said to have fantastic articulation.
  • Marvel Universe Figures – Rhino, Captain America, Mysterio, Elektra all new sculpts, Baron Zemo, Cloack & Dagger. Abomb with Abomination variant and black and white Iron Man.
  • Team Packs will see Astonishing X-Men – Colossus (Juggs costume) Emma Frost. Mighty Thor Pack with Valkyrie, Thor (Modern) and Skurge

By Nick Lenihan

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