Collecting Overview

Toy Collecting | What is it?

Toy collecting is becoming more and more popular each year. You can just look at the San Diego Comic-Con (the biggest pop culture convention in the world) attendance through the years. The first year the convention attracted just 300 people. This year in 2012 the Comic Convention attracted more than 130,000 fans.

What does toy collecting do for you?

Collecting toys or any other hobbies can help you provide a work-fun balance. Getting involved in toy collecting can bring happiness and similar minds together. Also, like other hobbies, you will develop skills that you can use in other areas of life besides your hobby (i.e. internet usage, buying, selling, writing, etc.). Toy collecting can bring enjoyment to your free time.

It’s not for everyone

Toy collecting is not for everyone though. Some people won’t be able to deal with the criticism you will get toy collecting. People will tell you things like “your so childish”,”grow up”, or “spend your money on something useful or fun”. I could write an entire blog post just about the criticism you receive. This is because people that don’t toy collect don’t understand the toy collector’s view on their toys.

When you collect toys you develop a sort of an attachment to your collection. Your emotions can grab hold of you and make you crave that newest action figure. In order for you to enjoy your hobby to the max you need to manage your attachments to your toys.

Toys aren’t just for little kids. Toys are for passionate collectors of all ages too.

The rewards

Toy collecting can be a very rewarding hobby. It will help develop your skills that you can apply elsewhere. Heck, if you had enough passion for toys then you could even turn your hobby into a very successful business.

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