My Top 5 (ish) things displayed in the Hot Toys SDCC 2014 Booth

Sideshow Collectibles wasn’t the only one showing off it’s high end wares at San Diego Comic-Con.  Oh, no.  Not by any means.  Hot Toys was at SDCC 2014, as well.  And their figures?  Well, I’ll just let them speak for themselves:My-top-5-things-displayed-Hot Toys SDCC 2014-2

Captain America 2:  Stealth Captain America.  This figure is a tough decision for your friendly neighborhood jman.  On the one hand, I’ve already got the Cap figure from the First Avenger.  And the Spangled suited Cap from Winter Soldier is just a little too close in design to the First Avenger for me to put the money out for him.  Then there’s the Steve Rogers/Stealth Cap 2 pack.  While I don’t have a need for a Steve Rogers figure, that shield he’s holding is one bad ass beat up shield.  Much cooler than the shield Stealth Cap is packed with individually.  But, like I said, I’m not entirely crazy about that Steve Rogers figure and rather just get the Stealth Cap, and put my monies to another Hot Toys two pack.

look at it!

Still…that shield is almost worth getting the two pack.  Almost.

Iron Man 3:  “Bones” armor (Mark XLI).  Yeayeayea.  Another Iron Man armor.  We all need another Iron Man Armor like a hole in the head.  But, hang on a sec…check it out first, before you judge.  Cause, this one is different.  It’s really kinda “Mandarin” looking, isn’t it?  This, along with the Igor armor, are probably the best ways to round off your Iron Man Collection.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Gamora.  I purposely didn’t go out of my way to buy/preorder any of the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figures in hopes of Hot Toys figures being awesome.  But, I especially avoided buying Gamora, when “normally” I’d at least buy the always short packed female figure (what can I tell you?  It’s the “hunter” in me.  Must have the short pack!!!)  And, thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed by Hot Toys.  Cause, man…it’s not like the stores are carrying big quantities of Guardians Legends figures!  Sheesh!

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Groot and Rocket two pack.  Now…this.  This is the two pack worth the price of admission.  No doubt about it.  If for a second, you don’t think Rocket and Groot are stealing this movie, then you have been watching way too many hours of C-Span, my friend.  Those two are gonna steal the show and this two pack is gonna be the must have of the Guardians figures.  You heard it here first.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Star-Lord.  Hmmmm…sensing a Guardians of the Galaxy theme here?  What can I tell you?  Other than you can’t possibly have the wise ass Raccoon and not have the equally wiseass unofficial leader of the Guardians to argue with him, right?  Amiright?

Of course I am.

Arkham City:  Batman.  Hol-lee crap.  Tell me this figure wasn’t worth the wait.  Go ahead.  Tell me.  I double dog dare you.  And believe you me, I am hoping beyond all hope, that Hot Toys plans on expanding this line.  Harley, anyone?  Scarecrow?  Man!  C’mon!  Make it happen, Hot Toys.  Make it happen for 2015!

Now, to somehow get the money for all these figures…

This is only a small sampling of what Hot Toys had on display at SDCC 2014. Check out more photos of these products, along with many more in our Hot Toys SDCC 2014 Photo Gallery.

What do you mean you didn’t watch the Mini show on the Sideshow Collectibles article?  Well…here’s your chance to right that wrong!

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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