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Tighten Action Figure Joints | How To Guide

Action figures can be enjoyed by different age groups and by people world wide. Some people are able to resist opening thier action figures but others just cant. If you did open your action figures and you have played with then you probably have noticed that the joints have became loose over time. Well have no fear because there is a solution to tighten action figure joints.

It is a fairly simple process to do and the first step you should do is assess the situation. In other words you need to look over your figure and determine what joints you would like to make tighter.

After you know what joints you want to tighten you need to disconnect the joint. You can try to just pull it apart with you hands (you shouldn’t have to use much force). If this doesnt work you can dip your joint in warm water and pull it apart.

Tighten Action Figure Joints

Tighten Action Figure Joints


Now that you have your joint taken apart you need to apply clear nail polish to the ball of the joint and to the socket as well. Let this dry for an hour or so.

Reassemble the joint how it was when you took it apart. Now you can test your joint and see how it worked. If it is still loose you may need to apply more coats of clear nail polish. This will likely be the case if your action figures joints are extremely loose.

After you are satisfied with how tight the joint is you can place your action figure in the fridge for 30 min – 1 hour. Doing this will allow the plastic that was softened when you pulled the joint apart to settle again.

Good luck and if you have another method to tighten action figure joints then be sure to post in the comments.

Note: I take no responsibility for damaged/broken action figures caused by using this method.

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