Threezero’s Titanfall 6-Inch Atlas Pilot gets all Decked Out

Ever since Titanfall was released this past March, it has been topping the sales charts. For good reason too, as it’s an extremely fun and addicting game. Threezero is one of the only toy companies that will be making action figures based on the game. They have already gave us several previews of both the Atlas Titan and the 6-Inch Atlas Pilot and today they have fully revealed the Pilot in all his glory.

Just look at all those paint applications, details, and weathering on this fully articulated figure. If you are a regular collector of 6″ figures, you might even be amazed at just how much detail Threezero was able to cram in there.

The Atlas Titan Pilot is going to be sold together with the 20.5″ Atlas Titan figure, which is going to make the ultimate collectible for the Titanfall fan. It’s going to be interesting to see just how far Threezero takes this license. There are 2 other Titans in the game, the Orge and Strider Titans, as well as several other pilot designs that could be done in both male and female.

Threezero has said that they plan to put the pre-order up soon, so keep your eye out for future updates. Also, brace yourself, because these figures aren’t going to come cheap!

via Threezero

By Nick Lenihan

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