Threezero’s 1/12th Scale Matrix APU Now Available for Pre-Order

Threezero, under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, has announced that the 1/12th scale Matrix collectible figure line will launch this month with the Matrix Armored Personnel Unit (APU) and pilot figure.

The Matrix APU power battle suit stands at 13.5” tall and features fully-articulated joints and pistons with articulated arms, legs and toes to simulate the APU’s movements depicted in the film.

Pre-order began on Monday, February 16 at 09:00am HKT (previous day at 9:00pm EDT) at Threezero’s online store ( SRP for the Matrix APU is $390, and this figure will also be available at a later date via select retailers.

A deluxe box set for the Matrix APU, which will be available exclusively at Threezero’s online store, will offer the standard APU and pilot figure, in addition to the exclusive collector’s Ammo Loader (with two additional boxes of ammo cases) and ground crew figure. The SRP for the exclusive Ammo Loader deluxe box set is $430. Wholesale pre-orders can be placed on the same day with Threezero directly.

About APU

The Armored Personnel Unit (APU) is a hydraulic power battle suit designed for combat and defense for Zion. Its main weaponry are two rapid-fire cannons attached to the suit’s arms.The APU was first seen in The Matrix Reloaded with more extensive use in The Matrix Revolutions.

The APU figure by Threezero features a highly detailed paint application and mechanical design based on official images from the films with realistic metal springs and rubber hoses used throughout the figure’s arms and legs to portray the design in the Matrix films.

The fully-posable pilot figure includes detailed fabric clothing and can be positioned to fit inside the cockpit, where he would operate the machine. In addition, both arm cannons have a light-up LED feature, and the figure includes two ammo case accessories.

The Threezero exclusive deluxe box set includes the APU Ammo Loader (with two additional ammo cases) as well as an articulated ground crew figure featuring the same attention to detail and design as the APU pilot. The Ammo Loader’s platform can be manually extended to depict its use seen in the films.


The Matrix is a science fiction franchise created by Lana and Andy Wachowski that began with The Matrix feature film and continued with two sequels, the Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

The franchise has been further developed across various media outlets including animation, comics and video games. The cyberpunk story incorporates religious and philosophical themes in a stylized presentation with a narrative strongly influenced by mythology, anime and Hong Kong martial arts films.

The Matrix franchise has been a commercial and box office success worldwide and continues to strongly influence the film medium in contemporary cinema.

By Nick Lenihan

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