Threezero Jesse Pinkman Sixth Scale Figure from ‘Breaking Bad’

Threezero Jesse Pinkman Sixth Scale Figure Breaking Bad 014Breaking Bad sixth scale action figures have been a long time coming. Threezero announced that they had acquired the license toward the start of the year, where they also announced the first figure for the line – Heisenberg. Just before San Diego Comic-Con 2015, the Hong Kong based manufacturer showed the in progress sculpt for the Threezero Jesse Pinkman sixth scale figure, which was later revealed in the Diamond Comics booth for all to see.

Jesse Pinkman is a fully articulated figure standing 12-inches tall featuring tailored clothing, various accessories (interchangeable hands, 4 stacks of blood money, a detailed leather jacket, hoodie, a SWAT mask, and a Ruger LCR revolver), and a realistic likeness to Aaron Paul portrayed on-screen.

Pre-orders will begin on August 21st 09:00AM Hong Kong Time at for $150, with International shipping included in the price.

This is the second officially licensed Breaking Bad 12-inch action figure that has been announced, and if no other characters see a release I think I’ll still be happy. Though, I could probably really use a Hank Schrader, Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut, and Gustavo Fring as well if they ever come to fruition.

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By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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