Threezero Interviews Kevin Eastman on Upcoming TMNT Sixth Scale Figures

As if you didn’t know already from the display at San Diego Comic-Con, Threezero has collaborated with Kevin Eastman for exclusive TMNT designs, which Threezero is going to be producing into TMNT sixth scale action figures.

So far we have only got a look at the clay sculpts, but the final figures are said to include over 25 points of articulation and consist of mixed media elements including PVC, ABS, vinyl and cloth materials in renowned Threezero fashion.

During the SDCC 2015 weekend, Threezero caught up with Kevin Eastman for a photo shoot where they also thought it was the perfect opportunity to interview him about the project and share it with the fans.

Threezero Kevin Eastman Interview

Threezero (3Z): We are so pleased to be working with you on this project. What inspired the new TMNT figure designs for the collaboration with Threezero? What lead the direction of your design into developing the more rugged aesthetic for the Turtles seen in your concept art in contrast to the cleaner designs we are used to from the more classic designs?

Kevin Eastman (KE): From some of the earliest versions of the TMNT, say around issue numbers five and six of the original Eastman and Laird comics, I started drawing them a lot more muscular, more traditional superhero stylized look – considering the kinds of stories we were putting them in, it over all made more sense – as they are always training and fighting – that they would become stronger, in look and reality, to do the things they are doing.
Also, when we were working on a fourth TMNT film with New Line Cinema in the early nineties, it was never made, but I designed a fifth Turtle named Kirby, and he was bigger and stronger than the originals – I wanted to explore that design concept for this special edition series/sculpture’s.

3Z: Is there a history or a story you have in mind that accompanies these new figures?

KE: Yes, several, besides some of the seed ideas mentioned earlier, TMNT issue eighteen, an issue I did with Mark Bode and Eric Talbot, showed them a lot bulkier, and compact and tougher, and I thought it would be great to revisit that concept, as well as the original “Turtles in Time” one shot comic by Richard Corben, I always loved how he drew them – over the top muscles and veins in the arms, kinda like his Den character – and finally, I did a book with Simon Bisley called “Bodycount” and Simon always took them way over the top with final artwork, in a way that they looked more realistic than I ever drew them.
I guess I generally combined several design ideas that had been running around in the back of my head that I wanted to try, as well as inspirations from some of the earlier works Peter and I did, and a bunch of key versions by some of my favorite artists along the way.

3Z: What excites you about designing 12” figures in the mixed media, fully-articulated style that Threezero is known for?

KE: Beyond cool and then some! Besides being a HUGE fan of the incredible detail that Threezero brings to the table, the quality goes so far above and beyond just about anything else out there in my opinion, I feel like these are show pieces you want to pose to your liking and put them behind glass – more like a Gallery Sculpture than a pose-able figurine – and at the 12 inch size, you can really see and appreciate all the little nuances and extra effort they put into each one.

3Z: Can you share with our readers a few other characters you would like to develop with Threezero after the first four Turtles are available?

KE: Man, that’s a long list – just thinking about TMNT universe characters alone! Shredder is always a great option of course, and I always wanted to see a really well done April O’Neal. Elite Foot soldiers and the re-designed Slash from the IDW series would be exceptionally cool. Guess it would be awesome to hear which ones the fans would like to see once these come out, and maybe I could work on the designs for those next! Woo!Woo!

3Z: Do you have any other cool new projects in the works?

KE: I have quite a few actually, since signing my exclusive deal with IDW, I am currently working on a re-mastered colorized version of a book I created with Simon Bisley called, “Fistful of Blood” – that will be out starting in October of this year, and right after that, I’m writing and drawing a six issue series I also created with Simon Bisley called “Lost Angeles” with will come out in March of next year.
This is all in between my regular TMNT work on the ongoing IDW series, which I adore – it is actually hard to believe we’re already at issue #50, which comes out in September – and we’ve got story ideas we want to put into motion nearly up to TMNT #100! It is such a fun series, I love working with Tom Waltz and Bobby Curnow on all the concept and story stuff – but the artists that bring these stories to life are exceptional – they really get me energized to work harder on my own stuff – and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into a new TMNT four issue series or graphic novel once I finish the Lost Angeles series!

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By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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