ThreeZero’s Breaking Bad Walter and Jesse Hazmat Suit 2-Pack Is Here

ThreeZero Breaking Bad Walter and Jesse Hazmat Suit 2-Pack Walter White and Jesse Pinkman action figures, working

ThreeZero’s Breaking Bad Walter and Jesse Hazmat Suit 2-Pack comes in a regular and exclusive version.

ThreeZero is really nailing the face sculpts lately. Remember the Hannibal figure? It was so realistic it was scary. Luckily for us, the Breaking Bad boys aren’t as scary looking, but they are just as ruthless (by the end of it, anyway!). This 2 pack comes with a crazy amount of accessories, enough to stock your own mini-meth lab! Just kidding, drugs are bad, MMMKay?

What do the figures look like?

Both Jesse and Walter come in a yellow hooded hazmat suit that zips up the front, with a white undershirt beneath it, and apparently pants as well, though all the pictures feature them in their hazmat suits. Their face sculpts are killer, complete with realistic skin texture, hair texture, and excellent coloring. Both the figures have shaved heads, though Walter’s shave is a lot closer. They both look serious, but Walter looks like he’s seriously going to murder someone, whereas Jesse looks like he’s seriously about to “blowfish it up, b***h!” (or maybe he’s just confused?)

We were trying to decide which one look more realistic, check out our side by side comparison and then comment with your thoughts!

How tall are the figures?

The figures in ThreeZero’s Breaking Bad 1/6th scale 2 pack are both roughly 12” tall. Walter is a little over a foot (12.2”), and Jesse is a little under (11.6”).

Are they articulated?

Based on the images from ThreeZero’s facebook page, it looks like they must be articulated, though it isn’t specified anywhere on the internet. They definitely will have (at minimum) head/neck articulation, and it looks like some excellent shoulder-elbow-wrist articulation, and they come with interchangeable hands so no one drops any sulfuric acid!

What accessories do they come with?

Our two friendly neighborhood meth-makers come with everything you need to fill up a (tiny) crummy RV with all sorts of fumes and dangerous chemicals. To prepare for that sort of thing, both figures come with neat gas masks with pink filter things, and blue protective gloved hands. There are 5 total pairs of hands with the standard version, including 2 pairs of relaxed hands, 1 pair of gripping hands, 1 pair of holding hands (aww, just kidding not that kind), and 1 pair of fists.

In addition to the wearables, the set comes with a lab desk (read: metal shelf), a round chemical container labeled “Sulfuric Acid”, 3 glass bottles filled with liquid, a steel tray, a beaker filled with liquid, a measuring glass filled with liquid, a flask with liquid, a test tube rack with 3 test tubes filled with liquid, a graduated cylinder, a glass mortar and pestle, and a trowel (??? for shoveling massive amounts of blue…rock candy?)
If you buy the set from ThreeZero’s online store, you’ll also get 2 pairs of ungloved hands, 2 beer bottles, a white mug, and a square chemical jug labeled “Cyfluthrin.”

When can I get this and how much is it going to hurt?

Starting 10/24/16 at 9:00 AM Hong Kong Time, you can pre-order the set on ThreeZero’s site for $320, which includes world-wide shipping.

Photos of the ThreeZero Breaking Bad Walter and Jesse Hazmat Suit 2-Pack

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