ThreeA Teams up with Ashley Wood for Exclusive Figures

ThreeA Is Releasing Exclusive Figures from Ashley Woods Comics

ThreeA and celebrated Australian comic book creator Ashley Wood have partnered up to bring you numerous characters from a pair of Ashley’s intellectual properties. Eight figures have recently been listed, with 5 Popbot universe action figures, and 3 from his Adventure Kartel series.

7 of the figures will be fully articulated and made to be 6 inches tall (~17cm) while the 8th figure is actually a 5.2” tall horse. The figures created will be:

Shadow Merde

Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez


Blind Cowboy

Ghost Horse (goes well with the cowboy)

UK TK Search & Destroy



TK Cornelius

Every single figure comes wearing real fabric clothes consisting of numerous items such as shirts, shoes, sweaters, belts, pants, vests, and similar types of clothing, as well as with various weapons and battle items. The list is pretty huge but includes various length katanas, grenades, different types of guns, pouches, holsters, etc. The characters also come with interchangeable heads and hands for gripping and fighting with weapons. The horse is covered in bandages and has a saddle, holsters, leather bags, halters, and similar items.

Pre-ordering Figures

The figures can currently be pre-ordered on the Big Bad Toy Store, with the price being $64.99 per figure for Blind Cowboy, Shadow Merder, Ka-MumbTK Cornelius, UK TK Search and Destroy, and UKTK, $79.99 for Golovorez (probably due to the complex cosmonaut suit he’s wearing), and $89.99 for the Ghost Horse. Or, if you’re a completionist, you can snag them all at once in a set of 8 for $519.99. All of them are expected to arrive sometime during the fourth quarter of 2016. If you’re unfamiliar with all of these characters then be sure to check out Ashley Wood’s work, which has been successful with both critics and the general population. ThreeA is marketing the Adventure Kartel and Popbot universe action figures as 1/12 Scale Action Portable Figure Wave 2, so we can hopefully expect wave 3 to be announced down the road. Hopefully, we get other characters from his numerous other IPs as well.

By Anders Clark

Anders Clark loves action figures and grew up with Star Wars figures, Battle Beasts, MOTU and more.

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