The Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 Action Photos

The season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 is so close that I can smell zombie brains. I love that show. But in the pages of The Walking Dead comic book from Skybound it’s a whole different story from the TV show on AMC. There is an all out war between four factions of survivors. The latest series of TWD minimates, The Walking Dead Minimates Series 4, depicts a whole different war being played out – the war between the prison and Woodbury!

The brutal Governor makes his debut in the line, along with his lieutenants Bruce and Gabe, and they’re facing off with Rick, Michonne, Lori, Alice… and a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies, of course! Check out the latest action photos of The Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 below and be sure to look for them in comic shops, specialty stores, and Toys “R” Us! Remember: the comic shop assortment is completely different from the TRU assortment!


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By Nick Lenihan

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