The Walking Dead Minimates Series 1 Review

The Walking Dead has to be one of my favorite shows of all time. I just love zombies – how can one not love zombies, guts, and tons of blood?

Well to go along with the comic book, Diamond Select has made The Walking Dead Minimates. I really wish that they were based off the TV show, but that’s ok, we can pretend. They are equally awesome anyways. I have The Walking Dead Minimates Series 1 (minus the variant 2-pack and TRU exclusives) here today for review.

This is actually the first time that I have picked up any sort of minimates, so let’s just see how awesome they really are.


The packaging that these guys come in is pretty standard for Minimates 2-packs. It’s just a standard blister card package with comic book themed “The Walking Dead” across the front. Along the bottom, you can also see the names of the figures that are contained inside each of the 2-packs.

The back of the packaging features all of the figures in series 1 with their names. I love when this is done. Sometimes all of the figures from a wave is featured on the back of the card but then if you aren’t an all-star expert you don’t have any idea who that guy is that you are missing.

Below the images of the characters you have a small blurb about each of the characters contained in the package.

The only complaint about the packaging is that the accessories were hidden very well. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up Rick Grimes to find that he comes armed to the teeth. There wasn’t even a mention on the packaging of what the accessories were on the packaging.


These guys are a little bit like Lego mini figures – except they have way more articulation, better paint, better accessories, and more options. They are actually compatible with Lego if you want (just standing on the baseplate – accessories don’t work with them).

They are shaped a little bit like Lego too. Rick has his coat with fuzz, Dale has his puffy vest, the guts zombie is trying to hold his guts in, and the severed off limbs look fantastic.

Each of the parts are easily removable if you want to change something out. Rick actually comes with extra arms and different hairstyle to give him a completely different look. The zombies with severed arms come with normal arms if you don’t like the look of the cut off arms.

Both Rick and Dale come with pistols, but Rick comes with so much more. He also comes with an axe, 2 shotguns, and a shoulder bag that you can carry his weapons in.


For these guys being so small, I’m surprised that the paint is so well done. Like I said above, they have way more details than Lego mini figures do. Every little detail is there from the “Grimes” on Ricks shirt to the blood on the zombie’s chin.


These guys always boast having 14 points of articulation and they do. They are very easy to work with. Since they are so small it would be nice if they each came with figure stands like the Peter Pan minimates have to make posing a little bit easier. Though you really don’t need them.


Minimates – I think I have found my new love. Why didn’t I buy these things earlier? They have endless customizable options that just make them amazing. Diamond Select is really starting to couple their minimates line up with some awesome licences (i.e. The Walking Dead and Star Trek).
If you are a fan of The Walking Dead TV show or Comic Book then you should really consider these minimates. I’m thinking about making a stop motion Walking Dead video with them, what do you think?


UPDATE: If you are interested in buying Series 1, the eBay is probably your best bet. Click this link to: search eBay for these Walking Dead Minimates series 1 figures.

These figures were provided for review for free by the manufacturer.

By Nick Lenihan

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