The Walking Dead Michonne’s Pet Zombie Sixth Scale Figures by Threezero – REVIEW

Ever since I first started collecting sixth scale action figures I was hoping that someone would pick up AMC The Walking Dead license. It could have been anyone really, but it was Threezero, a Hong Kong based toy manufacturer. The first teaser for Threezero’s The Walking Dead Michonne’s Pet Zombie sixth scale figures was revealed just before SDCC 2013, and I was basically sold on the line without even seeing more.

I went to San Diego Comic-Con a couple of days later and the first thing that I just had to see was these very exciting new 12 inch The Walking Dead figures. Were they the figures that I have always been dreaming about? Yes, it was a love a first sight.

On display, Threezero had Michonne’s Pet Zombies and a very early Merle 1/6 scale figure. They were amazing. It’s very surprising to me that we are getting them in front of us so soon. This can only mean good things for the line as it progresses further into the bigger characters.

I feel like one of the luckiest people alive to be able to review this gruesome twosome early for everyone, I hope you all enjoy!

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Since these figures were sent out very early as review samples, there actually isn’t any packaging available at this time to look at. I do however have some very high hopes for the packaging of the final products. I would imagine there to be some sort of screenshots from the TV series featuring Michonne’s Pet Zombies, or something very similar.

I have pre-ordered a separate set of these figures in anticipation of epic packaging.


When I first took these figures out of the bubble wrap that they came wrapped in I immediately noticed two things, the sculpt and the paint. The sculpt is what really defines these figures, bringing out all of the gruesome details that you see in the show.

The Pet Zombies are jawless and feature an extremely wrinkled and wilted face. There are tiny bits of flesh hanging around their mouths, which really make these figures quite disgusting.

Their torsos feature various cuts, gashes, and skin textures – all of which are very similar to what you can see each of the pets have in the show. Each of the figures are different from each other as well. The Pet Zombie with green boxers actually has a thinner torso than the Pet Zombie with red boxers too.


As I mentioned before, the other thing that I really noticed about these figures immediately was the paint. The paint pretty much goes hand in hand with the sculpt here. Where there is a cut or gash on the zombie flesh there is some glossy red paint to make it stand out. The glossy red paint gives the cuts the appearance like they are still bleeding, which is very cool

From a distance the skin color looks very realistic, but once you start to really look at it closely you really start to wonder. There are green dots on the skin for some reason. Maybe Threezero was trying to add a deeper level of realism but it didn’t quite work out? Who knows? Other than those green dots, the skin shading looks very realistic.

Other than that little nitpick, the paint on the rest of the figure is pretty perfect. The accessories and all of their clothing even have fantastic weathering effect done to them to make them look even more realistic.


So Michonne’s Pet Zombies are pretty much built on a standard sixth scale body without arms. The upper torso has a PVC skin covering the joints to help make the figures more visually appealing. The PVC should help prevent the figures from deteriorating over time unlike rubber does, but time should tell. You can see the underlying body on this page.

The lower torso joints work as good as just about any 1/6 scale body out there. The upper torso joints are a little bit of a different story though. Since they are covered in that PVC skin they tend to not stay 100% in the position that you put them in. For example, you move the joint 100% to the position you want, the skin will move the joint about 40% back to the original position. It’s really not that big of a problem, just something to note.

As for the shoulder joints, they are pretty much useless. Sure you can move them around a little bit, but you pretty much can’t tell they are moved at all. The abdomen joint works very good though. You will however get the PVC skin to bunch up if you have the zombie do an ab crunch.


Each of Michonne’s Pet Walkers comes with a backpack and neck chain. The backpacks are both different and they are stuffed with cotton to look like they are filled up. The neck chains you just have to be bent open to fit on the zombie and then bend it back.


So I have been excited ever since I knew these figures were going to become a real thing. The question is – am I still excited for more The Walking Dead 12 inch figures from Threezero? Absolutely. Michonne’s Pet Zombies may not be the core characters that you were hoping they would start this line with, but they are definitely figures you are going to want to pick up if you are getting Michonne later on down the line.

I am very happy that Threezero is going to be keeping this line very affordable. With 1/6 scale prices continuously rising, $120 for a 12 inch figure (especially of this quality) is a bargain in my book.


The Walking Dead Michonne’s Pet Zombie sixth scale figures are currently available directly from Threezero with exclusive accessories not available anywhere else. They are also offering FREE worldwide shipping.

UPDATE: ThreeZero has sold out of these figures.  If you are interested in scoring them, your best bet is to zip on over to eBay and check around for the ThreeZero Michonne’s Pet figures.

These figures were provided for review from the manufacturer. All text and opinions are that of the reviewer.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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