The Magic of Middle Earth Exhibition-Chichester

I hope you don’t mind this article being a bit different from the regular output on this site. As some of you may know I’m a massive fan of The Lord of The Rings and those films are a big part of my childhood. I collected the Toybiz figures when I was a kid, I have the soundtracks, I watch the Extended Editions at least twice a year and I have two of the NECA 20″ Epic Scale figures which are some of my favorite pieces in my collection and I am gradually collecting the Diamond Select Toys line.

About two weeks ago I went to Little Hampton and on the way back home through Chichester I saw a Magic of Middle Earth direction sign and I immediately looked up what it was about. After looking up the event I went just yesterday and it was fantastic!

Tickets were only £4 for adults and £2.50 for children. It’s located on the second floor of the Novium Museum in Chichester. Here’s a link to the exhibit:

It’s quite a small exhibit and is focused on JRR Tolkien and Middle Earth and how it’s influenced musicians, writers, etc. They have a lot of memorabilia from fans’ collections covering Lego, prop replicas, miniature Toybiz figures, art, posters, video games, etc. There are things there for kids if they have an interest in Middle Earth with some dress-up pieces and such.

There was some truly fantastic artwork on display from John Howe, Brothers Hildebrandt, and a whole host of others. I really liked the ticket and advert for the failed The Lord of The Rings Musical which was very expensive.

The Toybiz Battle of Helms Deep Diorama looked fantastic with a few dozen Uruk Hai figures. They even had the Lego Rivendell set box which looked incredible. As a big Middle Earth fan I could have only wished it was even bigger but I can understand the limitations of space. The exhibit runs till the 24th of September so you still have plenty of time to visit if you are based in the UK.

Here are some images from their site to give you a taste of what it’s like there. It’s definitely worth your time if you’re a big Middle Earth fan such as me. I highly recommend it.

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