New McFarlane Toys Pre-Orders

A few days ago McFarlane Toys said that they would be putting up some of their latest figures are up for pre-order on Walmart that’ll be available to pre-order later today and will be shipping next year. The figures that they have announced are: Gold Label Witcher 3 Geralt Gold Label Todd McFarlane Designed Batman… Continue reading New McFarlane Toys Pre-Orders

Dark Horse to Release Witcher 3 Action Figures

Geralt To Be the First in the New Witcher 3 Action Figures Line The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was, according to fans and critics alike, 2015’s game of the year. Now, in 2016, this critically acclaimed franchise will finally get its own series of action figures as has been requested by fans for quite a while.… Continue reading Dark Horse to Release Witcher 3 Action Figures

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