McFarlane Toys Acquire The Mortal Kombat License!

Mortal Kombat! There’s no doubt about it McFarlane Toys have been revealing a lot lately and now they’ve hit a triple whammy. Just recently on social media McFarlane Toys have revealed that they have acquired the Mortal Kombat license by sharing an image of the iconic Finish Him!  that would appear at the end of… Continue reading McFarlane Toys Acquire The Mortal Kombat License!

NECA Emissary Predator Update!

Emissary Predator Will Be At Toy Fair! Just last night NECA dropped an updated look at the Emissary Predator which they first revealed last year during the release of The Predator. Now we’re getting a better look at it before it’s shown at ToyFair. Before we only really saw a scan of what this figure… Continue reading NECA Emissary Predator Update!

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