March Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals!

On the 1st of March Hasbro held their big Marvel Legends live stream and revealed plenty of new figures including showing off their recent MCU reveals in hand along with another Spider-Man wave, Spider-Man The Animated Series figures/update as well as an array of figures to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Avengers! Here’s a… Continue reading March Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals!

Marvel Legends Maestro Revealed.

Yesterday was Marvel Monday and Hasbro revealed a brand new Marvel Legends figure which has been rumored for some time. They unveiled Maestro who’s an alternate future version of the Hulk who’s a villain. He has Bruce Banner’s intelligence and the strength and the malevolent personality traits of the Hulk. This figure does look fantastic… Continue reading Marvel Legends Maestro Revealed.

Hasbro Marvel Vintage Legends Hulk SDCC 2019 Exclusive

Hasbro have revealed their 2019 SDCC Exclusive. Just today Hasbro revealed their Marvel Legends SDCC 2019 Exclusive and it’s none other than a Vintage Legends Hulk figure. I should mention that Hasbro have an 80th anniversary two pack coming out which features a Incredible Hulk figure. Looking at this new Hulk I can see that… Continue reading Hasbro Marvel Vintage Legends Hulk SDCC 2019 Exclusive

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