Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals

Hasbro held their latest Fan First Friday/Tuesday Marvel Legends stream today. And they had revealed a lot of new products and have teased a few very exciting figures and waves. Firstly they showed off the new Venom wave featuring Movie Venom and a Venompool BAF, a Walgreens Silver Centurion, and a new unlock for the… Continue reading Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals

NEW Marvel Legends Target Two-Packs!

Hasbro Are Kicking Off Toy Fair Early! Today Hasbro has revealed two new Target Exclusive Two packs which will be up for pre-order soon. One will be from Spiderman: Homecoming and the other a comic book based one. The Homecoming two-pack consists of Spiderman in his school coat and Mary Jane. The image isn’t the… Continue reading NEW Marvel Legends Target Two-Packs!

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