Post SDCC 2022 Marvel Legends Reveals

Before the end of SDCC this year Hasbro added some more figures to their display booths. They added the whole wave of Marvel Legends Black Panther Wakanda Forever figures as well as She-Hulk from the upcoming Disney+ wave which contains all the lead characters from the newer Disney+ Marvel shows as well Sharon Carter from… Continue reading Post SDCC 2022 Marvel Legends Reveals

Marvel Legends She-Hulk Revealed

Earlier today Hasbro kicked off their 2021 reveals with a Marvel Legends She-Hulk figure. This figure is a repaint of the brilliant She-Hulk figure which was released in the Fantastic Four Super Skrull BAF Wave. As you can see this figure of She-Hulk is more in the classic green look that she’s known to have… Continue reading Marvel Legends She-Hulk Revealed

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