Mezco One:12 Deluxe Wolverine Revealed!

Just last night Mezco fully revealed their upcoming One:12 Wolverine figure which they revealed last month. Instead of being just a re-release of the Wolverine figure, this is a deluxe release. This Wolverine figure is in his classic yellow, blue and black outfit and comes with plenty of accessories and a sweet Sentinel base! With… Continue reading Mezco One:12 Deluxe Wolverine Revealed!

Fan First Friday, December Marvel Legends Reveals

Last night Hasbro had their final Marvel Legends panel for 2020 and we got some updates about some of the products that they have teased and revealed in the last number of months and a few welcome surprises too. We now have our first full look at the X-Men Powers of X-Wave along with our… Continue reading Fan First Friday, December Marvel Legends Reveals

Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals

Hasbro held their latest Fan First Friday/Tuesday Marvel Legends stream today. And they had revealed a lot of new products and have teased a few very exciting figures and waves. Firstly they showed off the new Venom wave featuring Movie Venom and a Venompool BAF, a Walgreens Silver Centurion, and a new unlock for the… Continue reading Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals

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