New Marvel Legends Reveals!

Just yesterday Hasbro held their last Marvel Legends live stream of the year and revealed a number of figures most of them from X-Men. They definitely ended the year with a bang with many of the reveals as most of these figures look fantastic! Here’s a list of the reveals: Uncanny X-Men 275 3-pack Gambit,… Continue reading New Marvel Legends Reveals!

Final Marvel Legends May Reveals

Just yesterday Hasbro had their final May Marvel Legends Livestream. During the stream, they rounded up all the reveals from earlier this month, which we have covered on this site as well as revealing the next Age of Apocalypse wave as well as some teases too. May has certainly been a very busy month for… Continue reading Final Marvel Legends May Reveals

Marvel Legends Rogue and Pyro Two-Pack Revealed!

At Toy Fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed a brand new Rogue Marvel Legends figure and it was rumored that it would be in the two-pack with a rumored Pyro figure. Now Hasbro has officially unveiled this two-pack and I have to say I really love the look of this two-pack. The Pyro figure looks… Continue reading Marvel Legends Rogue and Pyro Two-Pack Revealed!

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