Hiya Toys New Pre-Orders

Just earlier today Hiya Toys has just revealed some more new figures in their Aliens and Predator line. The latest pre-orders are from AVP Requiem and Alien Resurrection. For Alien Resurrection they are doing a figure of the Newborn Alien that we see at the end of Resurrection and the other figures are from AVP… Continue reading Hiya Toys New Pre-Orders

More Details on the Herocross Predalien Figures

UPDATE: Both Herocross Predalien figures are available on Entertainment Earth, the Wolf Predator for $94.99, and the Pred-alien with eggs for $89.99. Herocross has revealed details about their latest action figures from the Alien vs Predator universe, the Hybrid Metal Figuration AvP Wolf Predator and the Hybrid Metal Figuration Predalien, as licensed by 20th Century… Continue reading More Details on the Herocross Predalien Figures

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