Marvel Legends Hascon 2022 reveals & pre-orders.

Yesterday Hasbro held their Marvel Legends panel yesterday and revealed a ton of figures. Some of them are up for pre-order now and some will be released sometime next year. I was very happy with all the figures they revealed and they revealed a lot of X-Men figures as well as a few others. This… Continue reading Marvel Legends Hascon 2022 reveals & pre-orders.

Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals.

Yesterday Hasbro revealed a number of new Marvel Legends figures from the mainline itself and other subcategories. For the Marvel Legends wave-based line they announced that Sharon Carter from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series would be the following figure in the upcoming Disney+ wave which has Vision Ultron as the BAF. Then there’s… Continue reading Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals.

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