Halloween ComicFest Minimates

This year there are thousands of comic shops across the country that are going to be participating in Halloween ComicFest. There will be a bunch of special giveaways including comics and other merchandise. Diamond Select Toys is going to be participating this year with their special Halloween ComicFest Minimates. These Walking Dead minimates are repainted… Continue reading Halloween ComicFest Minimates

Marvel Select Ultron Photos

Diamond Select Toys has released some images of the Marvel Select Ultron action figure. This bad boy is going to be appearing in comic shops and other specialty stores August 29. This action figure was designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant. This will be another addition to the Avengers figures in the Marvel Select line.… Continue reading Marvel Select Ultron Photos

Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1

It is nice to see that Diamond Select Toys is finally announcing Battle Beasts Minimates series 1. Pre orders are going to be opening in the September issue of Previews. This first series is going to be based on the characters of the IDW Publishing comic book mini-series. Check out the pictures of Battle Beasts… Continue reading Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1

Walking Dead Minimates Series 2

The Art Asylum Blog has posted the Walking Dead Minimates Series 2. We can be expecting this Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 to be released in November while series 1 will hit stores in September. They are based on the Walking Dead comic book. If you loved the book then these minimates are a must have! Both… Continue reading Walking Dead Minimates Series 2

Madness Returns + Chitauri Strike! – Art Asylum

The latest and greatest release of Diamond Select Toys this week is the very last Marvel Select Avengers figure and the first series of figures based on Alice: Madness Returns! If you are a Marvel Select fan then you  can be happy that the Avengers team has someone to fight! The Chitauri Foot Soldier is… Continue reading Madness Returns + Chitauri Strike! – Art Asylum

Star Wars Celebration VI 2012 | Diamond Select

If you are a Star Wars fan I am sure that you have heard of Star Wars Celebration VI. With the celebration just over 3 weeks away in Orlando, Florida the convention exclusives are starting to pop up. You can check this page for a list of all the exhibitors attending. Star Wars Celebration VI… Continue reading Star Wars Celebration VI 2012 | Diamond Select

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