DC Universe All Stars New 52 Superboy Prime Action Figure Review

Here we have the third review in this series and this review is the DC Universe All Stars New 52 Superboy Prime Action Figure. Visually this action figure looks pretty good.

Superboy Prime Action Figure Packaging

The packaging is still the same as Superman and Red Robin. The standard DC Universe blister card package. On the back is a bio for Superboy Prime and it also shows the complete series containing Superboy Prime, Superman, Red Robin, and Batman.

Superboy Prime Out of the Box

This figure out of the box is ok. The paint job is pretty cool. The gold cables are painted with a metallic paint and they stand out really well. The cables from his arms meet in the center of his back while the ones on his legs just meet at his waist. The armor plates on his forearm and shins are painted metallic blue and that give it some good color. The rest of the bright blues and reds are the standard for Superman.

This figure also has blue colors in his hair just like the Superman I reviewed. The cape looks nice and torn and also looks as if it is blowing in the wind to the left. I like how they did this. He is also slightly taller than Superman.


Superboy Prime has all the same articulation as the Superman and Red Robin figures in this series. Ball joint shoulders, twist at the biceps, single joint elbow and twisting wrists. He also has the torso joint, twist at the waist, hinge at the hips, twist in thigh, single joint knee, and normal ankles.

Superboy Prime does however struggle with using his shoulders due to the shoulder pads he has. Before I opened him I was thinking that he would also struggle with his legs and arm movements but they are both fine because the gold cables are long enough.

He has no accessories and both of his hands are in fists. Great figure only downside is the blue hair and he has a slight bobble on his head.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the Superboy Prime figure.

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  1. Actually, the blue is normal for the characters, if you look in any of the comics, Superman’s hair isn’t straight black it has blue highlights.

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