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Super 7 Conan The Barbarian Ultimates Wave 3 up for pre-order.

What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?

Earlier this week Super 7 teased that they have plans to release more figures in their Conan The Barbarian Ultimates line. With a teaser image of Thulsa Doom’s snake form. Now they have officially revealed the figures that will be in Wave 3 which are War Paint Conan and Thulsa Doom (Demigod Serpent)

I know that I really haven’t talked about the Super 7 Conan The Barbarian Ultimates line before. I have to say I really like that there is a Conan The Barbarian line of toys it’s just that they are too expensive for me to collect. Especially here in the UK where they cost around £60-£100 for Super 7 Ultimate figures which is pretty much out of my price range. The only other gripe that I have with these figures is that the biceps on the Conan figures look incredibly big and don’t look to scale.

Other than that I think the figures look fantastic with great sculpts and plenty of accessories. I’m a massive fan of Conan The Barbarian and I am very pleased to see that Super 7 is doing a War Paint Conan as that’s one of my favorite looks of is in the film. Also, I’m still after the NECA version which came out years ago and it’s a grail item of mine!

The likeness to Arnold is pretty darn good and I love that he comes with multiple sets of hands so you can get him in a variety of poses. The Atlantean Sword looks very well detailed too and it’s got some blood on it which looks very well done and the inclusion of the sheath is a great added touch. The only accessory that I feel they could have included with this figure is an interchangeable head with a wide-eyed expression from this scene.

I didn’t expect Super 7 to release another Thulsa Doom figure but I am very happy that they are. This one is based on his transformation scene. The soft-goods robe looks really good and the likeness to James Earl Jones looks great on the Thulsa Doom head and the interchangeable Snakehead looks fantastic. Also, he comes with a snake, interchangeable hands, a bow, a snake arrow, and a dagger.

These figures will be released in the Fall of this year and the second wave will be released soon!

Here’s the official press release from Super 7 and a pre-order link for the figures from the Super 7 Store!

Conan The Barbarian ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figure – War Paint Conan

As if his mountainous physique wasn’t menacing enough, this Conan the Barbarian in War Paint ULTIMATES! figure is nightmare fuel for those who would stand against him. Based on the scene from the Conan the Barbarian film where Conan invades the Mountain of Power temple, Conan is dressed in his war paint and splattered in evidence of the battle that just occurred. He comes with the Atlantean Sword, its sheath, and interchangeable hands. This 7” highly-articulated action figure is made-to-order and limited edition.


Conan The Barbarian ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figure – Thulsa Doom (Demigod Serpant)

“What will your world be without me, my son?!” The mere mention of the powerful wizard Thulsa Doom causes mortal men to quake in fear, but when transformed into the Snake Priest it’s no wonder he is a match for even the mighty Conan. This Thulsa Doom ULTIMATES! figure, based on the transformation scene in Conan the Barbarian, comes with both a snakehead and a human head with snake eyes, a full soft goods robe, his bow, and snake arrow, plus a standalone snake. This 7″ highly-articulated action figure is made-to-order and limited edition.


Conan The Barbarian ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figures – Full Set

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