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Super 7 Conan The Barbarian King Barbarian.

At the end of the weekend, Super 7 revealed their King Conan figure after they teased it earlier last week. I know it’s been a while since Super 7 revealed anything from the Conan license so this reveal was a surprise for me. I’m a big fan of the Conan The Barbarian film and I really love to see more figures from the film though I haven’t been the biggest fan of Super 7’s offerings.

Their latest reveal is King Conan who we saw at the of the film to hint at Conan’s future which we’re still waiting for 40 years later. I didn’t think Super 7 would go this far into the film. The prototype looks fantastic and I don’t have a problem with the shoulders on this one as they are covered up by the armor so they don’t stick out too much.

The likeness to Arnie looks great and I love all the details on this figure it does look amazing! What does sit wrong with me a bit was that you’ll have to buy the throne and spear separately. King Conan will cost $55 and the throne is $45 and is expected to ship next winter. It’s available to pre-order now from Super 7 and will be available at other e-retailers soon!

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