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Star Wars Hasbro May The 4th Reveals

Today Hasbro revealed a number of products from their Star Wars Vintage Collection & Black Series lines. There wasn’t that much shown unfortunately and most disappointingly not an Obi-Wan figure from the upcoming Obi-Wan series that starts later this month. Here’s a breakdown of all the reveals:

Retro Collection Star Wars

  • Retro Box Set 6-pack (carded inside box)- Luke, Leia, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca – preorder Shop Disney May 26th Hasbro Pulse May 25th

Star Wars Black Series

  • Leia in Ewok Village costume/hair Preorder May 5th at 1 pm
  • Figrin D’an comes with 3 versions of flutes Preorder May 5th at 1 pm on shelf Spring 2023
  • Nalan Cheel comes with Drum Sets and seat and bagpipes with alt hands Preorder May 5th at 1 pm on shelf Fall 2022
  • Clone Wars Clone trooper Season 7 187th Battalion Walgreens US Exclusive – Gamestop Canada
  • New Republic Security Droid – Preorder May 5th at 1 pm on shelf Spring 2023

Star Wars Vintage Collection

  • Clone Wars Troop Builder Pack Clone Trooper L and 3 Base Clone Troopers Preorder May 5th
  • Ahsoka’s 332nd Clone Trooper Carded Vintage Collection – Preorder May 5th at 1 pm on shelf Spring 2023
  • Mandalorian Super Commando Carded – Preorder May 5th at 1 pm on shelf Winter 2022
  • Jedi Anakin Skywalker Attack of the Clones photo-real, alt mech hand – Preorder May 5th, 1 pm on shelf Winter 2022
  • Stormtrooper Commander Gaming Greats The Force Unleashed Carded – Preorder May 5th, 1 pm Fan Channel on shelf Fall 2022
  • Vintage Heavy Assault Trooper Gaming Greats Jedi Fallen Order – Cannon with shields – Preorder May 5th, 1 pm Fan Channel on shelf Fall 2022

Role Play

  • Premium FX Role Play Darth Vader Helmet – longer neck guard, new deco update for Obi-Wan Kenobi show – Preorder May 5th, 1 pm on shelf Spring 2023
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber Premium FX Elite Role Play – Obi-Wan Kenobi show design – duel effects pause – Preorder May 5th at 1 pm on shelf Spring 2023

Star Wars Black Series Pipeline Reveal

  • Hk-87 Droid
  • Luke Skywalker Mandalorian version

I honestly was expecting quite a bit more, but now knowing that Hasbro will be at Star Wars Celebration later this month and they’ll be hosting reveals every week that a new episode of Obi-Wan is released does make me a little less worried. I don’t know if they’ll be at SDCC but I hope there is a number of reveals during these two events if they aren’t at SDCC.

There are a lot of troopers in the Vintage Collection and a re-release of Anakin Skywalker from Attack of The Clones which looks great with the face printing deco I may get that one to keep on the card when it’s released later this year. The Mandalorian Super Commando looks great and I do wonder with the releases of troopers from Fallen Order and the Force Unleashed will we get figures of Cal and Starkiller in the Vintage Collection line at some point?

The Black Series offerings look great, especially the New Republic Security Droid that first appeared in The Mandalorian Series 1 and the Ewok Village Leia which looks fantastic. I really like the look of Figrin’ D’an and Nalan Cheel who you can both use to build the cantina band. It’s a great idea and I would be tempted to get them but I don’t think I would have the space!

For the pipeline for the Black Series Hasbro revealed two more figures from the Mandalorian series an HK-87 Droid and The Mandalorian Series 2 Luke Skywalker. I knew that Mando Luke would be released in the line eventually. It’s great that Hasbro is filling the gaps in the Mandalorian collection as we get closer to newer programs.

Then there are the Black Series Prop Replicas based on their appearances in the Obi-Wan Series. Darth Vader’s Helmet and Obi-Wan’s lightsaber. Both of these items look terrific and I am really impressed with Vader’s helmet, especially for all the little details that they have put in the helmet. They look outstanding and I am not too angry about it being a re-release of sorts as it means it gives a chance for more fans to get it. I would definitely love to get the lightsaber and helmet.

All of these products will be up for pre-order tomorrow and will be released later this year/early next year.

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