Star Wars Celebration New From Hasbro

On Friday the guys from Hasbro Star Wars gave out a little bit of Star Wars Celebration news:

We hope everyone is getting geared up for Star Wars Celebration VI next week! In anticipation of the show, the Star Wars team wanted to share two important pieces of information.

Vintage Line News:

The last Vintage wave of 2012 will be released online only. The figures will be available on Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, Brian’s Toys, and other specialty shops. The figures are listed below.

• Ahsoka
• Obi-Wan (Clone Wars)
• Naboo Pilot
• Mawhonic
• Aurra Sing
• Lumat
• Gungan Warrior
• Nien Nunb
• Royal Guard
• Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)
• Orrimaarko (Prune Face)

Droid Factory Parts Swap at Celebration VI: “Yes, these are the droid parts you are looking for!”

As part of Hasbro’s activities at Celebration VI, the Hasbro team invites fans back for the Droid Factory Parts Swap. Bring your spare parts from the 2008-2009 Droid Factory run and swap 1-for-1 for parts to complete the droids you need. Not all parts for all droids are available, but may be traded in by other fans during the Weekend, so check back often and happy trading. Also, Hasbro will be giving away Droid Factory posters (while supplies last) in its booth. Uttini!

We have already known about the last vintage wave being an online only release but the other Hasbro News For Star Wars Celebration is new. A droid swap! Get the parts you need at the Star Wars Celebration!

Also now we know what to expect in the vintage wave 7. Maybe we will get some pictures soon.

Get your preorders in for vintage wave 7 at Entertainment Earth!

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