Star Wars Celebration 2023 Indiana Jones Adventure Series Reveals.

During Star Wars Celebration 2023, Disney showed off a brand new trailer for Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny and Hasbro showed off some new Adventure Series figures which are Wave 2 and a few exclusives. I was honestly more excited for the Adventure Series reveals than the Black Series as Adventure Series has just started.

The second wave of figures consists of figures mostly from The Temple of Doom, with two figures from Dial of Destiny and another Indiana Jones from Raiders. They also revealed a deluxe Raiders of Indiana Jones from the temple escape from the beginning of the film which comes with two brand new accessories; the bag of sand Indy uses to replace the idol without triggering the traps and the pedestal the idol was placed on.

The other deluxe release I am really excited and pleased about it. A two-pack that consists of Marcus Brody and Belloq in his white suit which he wears for most of the film, the likeness to Paul Freeman is spot on. Though the real star of the two-pack is Marcus Brody, I’ve been hoping we would get a Marcus figure and thought it would never happen as he’s a supporting character that really does not have any action scenes in the film. The likeness to Denholm Elliot is incredible and I’m very excited to get a figure of him as I don’t think he’s had an action figure before. I really like the accessories that they come with which is the sub-machine gun that Belloq uses when Indy threatens to destroy the ark. I am really surprised that they include the book with the ark illustration from when the US military official show up at the college. It opens up showing the illustration inside, it even has the clasps to close it! The apple is another nice touch as well

In the second wave, you get the following figures:

  • Raiders of The Lost Ark (Cairo) Indiana Jones
  • Temple of Doom (Hypnotized) Indiana Jones
  • Temple of Doom Short Round
  • Temple of Doom Indiana Jones
  • Dial of Destiny Indiana Jones
  • Dial of Destiny Helena Shaw

As a big fan of Indiana Jones, I’m definitely looking to get all of these figures. All of these figures look absolutely fantastic and I don’t have a problem with there being four Indiana Jones figures in this wave. I should mention that the Build-A-Artifact of this wave is the Skull Temple which houses the three Sankara Stones in the Temple of Doom! The detailing on it is incredible and looks exactly how it did in the film. It even has a venomous snake decoration which spooks Indy in the film.

I’m very impressed with all of the accessories that the figures come with. They went above and beyond on that front with these figures. I love that Short Round comes with pretty much everything he uses in the film including the Voodoo Doll of Indiana Jones. The Short Round figure does look fantastic and the soft goods jacket is a great touch, though I do feel that the baseball cap looks a bit too big in some shots. The likeness to Ke Huy Quan is pretty good, but I feel he could have had a more expressive facial expression.

I really like the new upper body that they are using for this version of Indiana Jones, it looks very close to the physique he had in the film and the painted chest hair is a great small touch. He comes with six Sankara stones a lit-up and normal set, a really cool touch so you can recreate the scene where Indiana finds the Stones and tries to take them and finds the power they behold. I wasn’t expecting him to come with the Blood of Khali chalice! I thought that would have come with Mola Ram or the large Thugee played by Pat Roach. It looks absolutely gnarly and gruesome!

I knew that a Temple of Doom Indiana Jones was coming from the end of the film where he wakes up from the Black Sleep and the set pieces begin! I love the head sculpt which perfectly captures that moment in the film when he’s about to cut the bridge in half with the machete! I’ve noticed some nice little details with this figure, the grip on his revolver is painted, the machete hilt is painted and the sleeveless arm has a bandage around the hand which is very accurate to the film.

I was hoping we’d see a Cairo Indiana Jones from Raiders at some point and I wasn’t expecting him to be in the next wave. This figure is pretty much the same as the Raiders Indy from the first wave but with a new upper body and arms and I still very much want to get this version as well. He comes with the same accessories as the first one minus the idol and fewer hands plus the monkey Marion came with. He has a pair of fists, as well as a gripping hand for the whip and an expressive hand. If you have a spare Raiders Indy you can use the trigger finger hand on this figure to recreate the scene where he shoots the Cairo Swordsman. An absolutely must-have figure for me.

I haven’t seen Dial of Destiny yet so I can’t vouch for how accurate Indy and Helena are to their film counterparts, but from what I can see they look very accurate and I cannot wait to see the film when it comes out at the end of June. I do wonder why the main villain Mola Ram and Winnie Scott aren’t in this wave. The first wave was Raiders themed and all the figures were from Raiders, yet this wave has those two slots filled by Dial of Destiny characters. I can only imagine they have been bumped to be some store exclusive or something, and if so I hope they aren’t too difficult to obtain as I really want those characters on my shelf. Hopefully, we’ll see them sooner than later.

They also had pipeline reveals which were mostly focused on The Last Crusade with two figures from Dial of Destiny one being Mads Mikkelsen’s baddie and Antonio Banderas’s character. It does make me wonder who will be in the Dial of Destiny-themed wave. With all the reveals lately, I am very excited for the future of this line with all iterations of Indy and all the supporting characters, hopefully, we’ll see some characters and baddies from the films sometime down the line.

I should mention that all these figures will go up for pre-order on Thursday the 13th of April with release dates later this summer.

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