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Star Wars Black Series Wars Jedi Fallen Order Scout Trooper Revealed

Just yesterday Hasbro revealed the next figure in the Star Wars Black Series Gaming Greats line the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Scout Trooper. If you recall a few months ago I wrote a wishlist of characters/troopers that I would love to see in the Black Series and the Scout Trooper was on that list!

I am so stoked that we are getting more characters and troopers from Jedi Fallen Order in the Black Series line as I really do love the game and there was some great unique enemy designs in the game that would make great figures.

I know that this figure is a retooled version of the original Scout Trooper with a harness and a strap round his arm but I am so happy that we’re getting one in the line! The Scout Trooper comes with the baton weapon they use to fight Cal and his signature blaster pistol that can be holstered on his ankle.

In the States this figure is a Gamestop Exclusive (as are all Gaming Greats) and will be released later this month Stateside and next month internationally. If your a big fan of the game like I am you’ll definitely want to army build these!

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