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Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection Reveals!

Hasbro reveal more goodies at Paris Comi-Con!

As many of you know Hasbro has revealed some killer figures for their Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection in the last number of months. And Paris was no exception, They’ve revealed two figures; one for Vintage Collection and Black Series lines.

We’ll be getting a Chewbacca. I can see that this one has improved over the last one as it has ball joints in the hips.

More excitingly they’ve revealed Star Wars Black Series Episode 2 Geonosis Padme. This figure looks absolutely excellent. Undoubtedly this is one of Padme’s most iconic looks in the film series and the comic books. The likeness to Natalie Portman is excellent as well.

I really like color-scheme of her outfit and it looks very clean. I love that the included her cloak which I can imagine pop off when you remove the head. I can see that she comes with her pistol and removable cloak. It’s unclear at this time what else she’ll come with at this time.

It’s great that Hasbro is releasing figures based on characters from the prequels. Padme is a key character from the prequels so it’s great that they are getting their due.

2019 looks to be a great year for Star Wars Black Series & The Vintage Collection.


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