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Star Wars Black Series The Mandalorian. Ashoka Tano & Grogu 3-Pack.

Last night Hasbro revealed a Star Wars Black Series three-pack from the second series of The Mandalorian and the three-pack contains the Mandalorian, Ashoka Tano, and Grogu. You get a few new additions. With Mando, you get him from his series 2 appearance so he has some new deco on parts of his armor, as well as the beskar spear and a clip for the spear on his back. With Ashoka you a cloak which we often see her wear in The Mandalorian & Book of Boba Fett. I don’t think there’s any difference with Grogu aside from the arm sculpts.

The price of this three-pack is $67 and it’s an Amazon exclusive and is already available in the US (not in the UK yet what a surprise) I can understand some fans not being happy about this when there is not many changes with these figures. I don’t mind the set though I do already have two versions of Mando and a Grogu figure. I already have the Ashoka figure and the only difference with this one is the cloak that the original figure should have come with. I’ll probably get a custom cloak instead for Ashoka which will be a bit cheaper to ship to the UK than this set will be. Though I will say this will be a good set to get on clearance as some of the Hasbro Amazon exclusives do go on eventually.

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