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Star Wars Black Series The Clone Wars Final Season Figures Revealed!

Just last night Hasbro revealed an upcoming wave of Star Wars Black Series figures based on the final season of the Clone Wars Series. I only started watching the Clone Wars series a few months ago when Disney+ arrived in the UK and I absolutely love it. I’m not at the final season yet I am about half way through season 5.

I am very happy that we’re getting more figures from The Clone Wars and I am extremely happy with the ones that they have revealed! In this Clone Wars wave we’ll be getting Ahsoka Tano, 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper, Mandalorian Loyalist and The Mandalorian Super Commando.

I really do love all the character designs for these figures and I am glad that we’re getting three army builders in this wave. Since I have been watching the series I have really loved the design of the Death Watch Mando’s and I am glad that they are finally joining the line as the Mandalorian Loyalist. The Mandaloran Super Commando looks incredibly ferocious and menacing and I know that these guys are loyal to Darth Maul.

The Ahsoka Tano figure looks fantastic and even though I haven’t seen the final season yet I really love the costume design that they’ve given her. I have plans to pick up the Rebels version and I definitely have plans to pick this one up to go in my Clone Wars era display. The 332nd Clone Trooper looks great too and undoubtedly would be the quickest one to sell out from this wave,

The figures will be available to pre-order from Walmart later today, though I am unsure if they are Walmart exclusives or not as I now that some sites here in the UK will have them up for pre-order later today. These figures will be released later this year.

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