Star Wars Black Series

Star Wars Black Series SDCC 2023 Reveals

During SDCC Hasbro showed off some new figures in the Black Series line and I have to say I was rather disappointed with what they revealed as most of them were just repaints. Firstly a lot of the reveals were Holiday figures which were repaints of various Black Series figures repainted in Christmas colors like wearing jumpers or dressed as a nutcracker. The repainted Ewok & Mandalorian Trooper look pretty cool though.

We are getting Pre-Vizla in the Black Series line and he looks pretty good aside from the re-use of the Jango Fett body which is a bit disappointing as he’s been a highly anticipated figure in the line. We are getting a Mandalorian-based R2-D2 which is a reworking of the upcoming ROTJ R2 which is correctly scaled. I like all the little additions which the ROTJ version comes with.

With Ashoka coming soon to Disney+ later this month it makes sense to release some figures from the upcoming series and I have to say I am rather happy with these. An Ashoka figure was expected and she doesn’t look that much different from the Mandalorian version which was released about two years ago. I think she has a different head and it would have been nice if they included a cloak with her as well as she’s often seen wearing one. Saying that I’d still consider getting another Ashoka for my display.

The Here and Sabine figures look fantastic and I really like their looks in live-action. I missed out on most of those Rebels re-releases with the photo-real heads and these will more than make up for those, till they are eventually re-released for new collectors of the Black Series. The likeness is very spot on for both of these figures and I was really impressed with the Ashoka figure when it was first released. I really love how they make the outfits look a bit different from their Rebels counterpart with Hera now sporting an aviator jacket and thigh holster for her blaster and Sabine having a different paint scheme to her armor, colored grips to her pistols as well as a hook on her belt to store her lightsaber.

I’m definitely getting the Ashoka-themed figures and the new R2 and Pre-Vizla when they are more available closer to their release later this year/early next year. I should note that they are the only figures that are up for pre-order are Visla and R2 so we’ll have to wait for the others.

They were a few pipeline reveals which were a Droideka, Super Battle Droid, and a B1 droid with C3-PO’s head. Hopefully, we’ll get some more exciting reveals at Hasbro Pulse Con next month.

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