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Star Wars Black Series Reveals

Just in the last week or so, Hasbro has revealed two new figures for their Star Wars Black Series line. First up they revealed Vel Sartha from Andor as the next figure in an upcoming wave of figures, then a few days later they revealed Return of The Jedi 40th Anniversary Admiral Ackbar. I should note that the Admiral Ackbar figure is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and Vel Sartha will be part of wave 35 which is scheduled to be released early next year but it’s more likely to start shipping later this year.

The ROTJ Admiral Ackbar looks great on the retro card and comes with a new accessory with the swagger stick which the original figure didn’t come with. The Vel Sartha figure looks great and I’m a big fan of the character in the Andor series I really like the AK-47-style blaster rifle she comes with and it’s great to get another new character to fill out the Andor collection.

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