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Star Wars Black Series Mace Windu

The Prequel Trilogy Gets Some Black Series Love!

Hasbro has revealed a number of figures for their Marvel Legends and Black Series line and some Vintage Collection figures as well.

The latest reveal is Mace Windu from Episode II- Episode III. I say that as he only used his lightsaber in Episode II-III.  I have to say this figure looks absolutely fantastic. The face scan looks exactly like Samuel L. Jackson and I love the stoic concentrated look on his face.

The body sculpt looks fantastic as well and the coloring is fantastic too especially on the tunic.

What’s also great about this figure is that he comes with a cloak, most the Jedi’s that Hasbro has released up to this point didn’t come with cloaks. Which I feel are essential parts of the Jedi outfit. I think this is accessory is a must have with all the prequel trilogy Jedi’s.

Of course, he comes with his signature lightsaber as well and the purple blade looks fantastic as well.

This figure is expected to be released in the Spring of 2019.

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