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Star Wars Black Series Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker Promo Images

An Updated look at Jedi Knight Luke

Just last week images were revealed by instagram user Jeremy B uploaded images of a Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi. I should note that there’s been rumors for some time about Hasbro releasing a brand new Luke Skywalker from Return of The Jedi.

Now that the fgure has been revealed I have to say this is the Luke Skywalker figure I really wanted from Return of the Jedi as his outfit from the Jabba’s palace scene is one of my favorite outfits that Luke wears throughout the film and it’s definitely iconic.

As you can see Luke is wearing the complete outfit from when he enters Jabba’s palace cloak and all. The likeness to Mark Hamill is very well done and the detailing in the outfit is incredible I especially love the tunic.

I really love the accessories especially the inclusion of the henchman’s blaster pistol which Luke uses briefly in the film. The only accessories that I feel are missing are interchangeable battle damaged hand and the bone from when he fights the rancor. I just noticed that if you look at the back of tha packaging you can see that the figure includes a stand much like some of their other exclusive figures that have been released in the Black Series lately.

Speaking of exclusives this figure will be a store exclusive but no details have been released yet, though I’m sure that’ll be revealed in the coming months and you can be sure that I’ll be definitely trying my best to get my hands on this figure as this one has been on my wishlist for a while!

UPDATE: Hasbro has released two new promo images of the figure and he looks absolutely fantastic. Also, he’ll supposedly be a Wal-Mart exclusive in the States.

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